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Marketing Consulting

Understanding the brand as the ultimate anchor for every business organisation

The brand represents and sums up the business proposition of a corporation.
It incorporates all emotional and rational aspects, all tangible and non-tangible skills of an organisation and makes them visual to the market.

Especially in a constraint economical climate, strong brands offer guidance and trust, quality as a point of differentiation, also in competitive price wars.

Globalisation and the communication overkill are further aspects calling for a definition, differentiation and thorough communication of the goods and services offered.

Only a thorough definition of the Corporate Identity provides a solid foundation for the Marketing-Mix definition.

All qualitative measures, from product to communications, ideally reflect this identity.
This is the philosophy of BrandGuide Consulting. As a marketing consultancy we believe in directing all marketing measures market- and brand adequate, from Marketing-Mix optimisation to the implementation and optimisation of integrated communications.

Apart from setting up the definition basics (brand definition), the establishment and optimisation of internal and external marketing structures and operations are our core business.