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Joining Audi AG after graduating in Business Administration (BA) from Fachhochschule Kempten (Germany) and University of Ulster (Northern Ireland) in 1990.

As one of the founding members within the Audi Marketing Organisation in Ingolstadt gaining experience in the organisational set-up of the Audi Marketing organisation and the brand definition as it is still valid today.

After several years of pioneering work, e. g. as Marketing Representative for Audi in Asia Pacific (Singapore) and Manager for International Communications for the Overseas Region, move to Luxembourg to take over the position of the Director Communications Europe within the Goodyear Tires S. A.
Setup of a centralised communication department for Europe and redefinition of the Corporate Identities for all brands within the Goodyear brand portfolio.

Return to Germany in 2001 and take over the position of the Director of Communications Europe within Mazda Motor Europe and Director Marketing Germany with Mazda Motors Deutschland.

After the successful launch and implementation of the "zoom-zoom" brand positioning and campaign, focus on the German market.

Documented increase of market share, brand image and brand awareness in the following years.
Setup of a consultancy to pass on the experience gained to automotive and non-automotive organisations.

As Alfa Romeo Marketing Director for Germany I made valuable experiences in leading this Italian cult brand. Part of it was the very exclusive Market introduction of the dream sports car Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione.

After successfully having finished studies for Systemic Coaching and Change Management at the INeKO Institute at the University of Cologne (Germany) in March 2010, the services offered by BrandGuideConsulting now include - besides Marketing Consulting - systemic coaching and consulting in change management.

Several years of leadership experience in international management meets thorough coaching competence and valuable experience of life.