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What is coaching?

Originally a coach was a person steering the horse carriage. Today the expression is still valid for the act of leading and guiding someone fast and safe to final goal.

Coaching is the resource oriented and problem solving approach in process consulting. The coachee (client) is the expert for his problems and the solutions, the coach is the expert for the direction (Guide) of finding the appropriate solutions.

Coaching is constructive and focuses on raising results by improving the ability of personal control and personal competences.
Coaching is encouraging and delivers methological aid for the clarification of the clients goals and values. It further gives advice for the checking of existing reality impressions. Coaching helps to view problems clearer and from different angle of perspective, which puts new problem solving possibilities into focus.

Systemic coaching takes the whole social system (family, work team, department, enterprise) into consideration, instead of only partial aspects of the matter, to support the coachee in finding her/his role in the system. Coaching requires on the side of the coach not only professional qualifications, but also personal expertise, especially the ability of deep personal self-reflection. Coaching is not a therapy, but a valuable tool for supporting the solving of business matters and the achievement of business targets.

Services and support offered for situations like

  • new business orientation
  • extreme personal burdens
  • leading change processes
  • cross cultural cooperation
  • cooperation between colleagues or with superiors
  • team leadership
  • self management and organisation
  • motivation, work-life-balance, sense seeking
  • checking and defining a value system
  • personal marketing
  • style consulting
  • systemic consultancy in the area of Marketing and Automotive Management
  • team and process coaching in car dealerships